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Dog rescue elderly owner became the South Korean’s first-ever honorary rescue dog

Time and time again, we’re reminded that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend:

This one cute doggo from South Korea further proved that recently.

A four-year-old good boi named Baekgu from South Korea was recently appointed as South Korea’s first honorary rescue dog.

Baekgu got the recognition after it helped rescue team locate its 93-year-old master, who suffers from dementia.

The incident happened when the dog’s master, Kim, suddenly went missing from her home in Hongseong county on 25 August.

Realising this, Kim’s daughter, Shim Geum-sun, tried contacting her but was unable to do so for hours.

That’s when she filed a missing person’s report. The report said while CCTV footages showed Kim and the little white dog leaving her village at dawn, she was nowhere to be found for at least two days.

The authorities mounted a search operation with the local fire department, as well as other volunteers, as they scoured the area as rain started pouring down. 

Finally, after 40 hours, the rescuers found Kim unconscious in the middle of a rice field about two kilometers away from her home.

According to the authorities, Kim had collapsed in a moist place which was hidden from sight. She was reportedly soaked and couldn’t get up by herself. And rescuers wouldn’t have found Kim if it was not for Baekgu.

Despite the weather getting worse and the night growing colder, Baekgu did not leave Kim’s side. Baekgu laid next to Kim to keep her body temperature up as she was beginning to experience symptoms of hypothermia.

And it was Baekgu’s body heat signature that the search team detected when they sent out a thermal drone into the rice field.

Thanks to Baekgu, the search team managed to find Kim and promptly rescued her. The elderly woman was later sent to the hospital where she’s reportedly recovering well.

Thanks to South Korea’s National Fire Agency, who had introduced a regulation last year that allowed the appointment of honorary firefighters, fire ambassadors and rescue dogs, Baekgu became the country’s first-ever honorary rescue dog.

The heroic good boi was given a well-deserved ceremony attended by the provincial governor.

Shim, who revealed that they adopted Baekgu three years ago after he was attacked by a bigger dog, was extremely grateful to Baekgu for saving her mother’s life.

“Baekgu especially liked my mother, and it’s as if Baekgu returned our favour.

“I was so concerned as mom went missing for hours due to the rainy weather. I’m grateful and Baekgu is our family,” Shim was quoted as saying.

Well done, Baekgu! You are such a hero.


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