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Malaysians can now watch Malaysia’s very own Covid-19 Battle Film “Frontliner” on Netflix

Social NewsMalaysians can now watch Malaysia's very own Covid-19 Battle Film "Frontliner" on...

The Covid-19 pandemic has been the most happening event around the world during this decade.

After our battle with Covid-19 for almost 2 years, there is finally signs of recovery as the national vaccination rate increases.

Nonetheless, the pandemic has inspired a local team to produce a documentary film to pay tribute to our frontliners who have worked hard for the people and the country, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak since March 2020.

The film “Frontliner” will be available on the streaming platform, Netflix on 30 September 2021.

Despite the film was given the title “Frontliner”, the film does not only highlight issues relating to the ongoing pandemic, but also the internal and personal conflict that our frontliners face with their families and loved ones.

“We don’t want to cover too much about their work on the field. People may not know much about the internal conflicts that take place in their daily life.” the director of the film, Razif Rashid said.

According to Astro Awani, the production crew had interviewed their friends and relatives who are working as a frontliner in the medical field to understand more on what they are going through.

“Generally, this film can be considered as an inspiration from real life events.” Razif said, adding that this is not something the general public does not know about.

The 89-minute long film stars Azhan Rani, Beto Khusyairi, Farah Ahmad, Emma Meambong and more.

The lead of the film was Azhan Rani, who plays “Dr Azhan” in the film, said filming with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suit was not an easy task. This experience also made him realise how difficult and risky it is to carry the responsibility of being in the frontline.

He added that he hopes the film will encourage people to discard their selfish thoughts and comply with the guidelines and SOPs imposed by the Health Ministry.

“We may find it difficult not to go out and work, but some of them can’t go home at all. They have to sleep in the hospital and even time to use the phone is limited due to how busy it was.” he said.

Source: YouTube

Azhan also confessed that he now understands the struggles and difficulties faced by the frontliners through this project.

The director also revealed that the filming took place for about 2 weeks in August 2020 and it was being done under strict SOPs to ensure they safety of the crew. When it comes to taking off the PPE suits, it was being done following a strict protocol to avoid themselves from being infected by the Covid-19 virus too.

The film ‘Frontliner’ was released on Astro First Exclusive last year, but it will be available on Netflix on 30 September!

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