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M’sian Actress becomes a Victim of Body-Shaming

Social NewsM'sian Actress becomes a Victim of Body-Shaming

If you have nothing good to say, you may want to consider keeping it to yourself.

Recently, a local actress, Mimi Lana took it to Instagram to shared that she has started working out again after having a 3-month break.

She had shared a video of her working out at a gym, carrying weights and working on her wall sit exercise.

Nonetheless, the 25 year-old actress has been facing tremendous pressure since she uploaded the video for social media users had commented on her body instead of her effort to keep fit and healthy.

The video has garnered over 345k views and 500 comments at the time of writing, and most of the commenters had body-shammed her by saying that she is too skinny to workout.

Among the comments made against Mimi were requesting her to take weight gain pills and saying that she was too skinny and will look better if she is chubbier.

Source: Instagram

However, there were some who defended Mimi as they stood up against these bullies and voiced their support for Mimi, while praising her for her efforts to keep healthy.

Source: Instagram

Having said that, working out and keeping fit is something that is encouraged worldwide and it is especially important during the pandemic when everybody is stuck at home and not exercising.

Working out is not necessarily for the overweight, but it is for everybody who wanted to keep fit and healthy.

Besides, Mimi has all the rights to do anything she thinks is right for herself.

As a responsible internet user, let’s be mindful of what we are commenting on as behind every account, there is a real person with emotions.

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