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Netizens Raises Concern over Massive Traffic at Jalan Duta Toll Plaza

Social NewsNetizens Raises Concern over Massive Traffic at Jalan Duta Toll Plaza

“Langkawi Trip or Balik Kampung?”

On the eve of Malaysia Day (15 September), a netizen had shared a 27-second video on Facebook, showing the terrible congestion that is happening at the northbound Jalan Duta Toll Plaza.

In the short clip, the traffic can be seen stretching across several kilometres both before and after the toll plaza at Bukit Lanjan.

The long line of cars stretched across the highway and even the camera was not able to capture the full extent of the congestion.

According to Kosmo, it was reported that the traffic at the scene was caused by the few minor accidents that took place after Bukit Lanjan.

Nonetheless, the fact that the cars were on the highway just proves that Malaysians are taking this holiday as the opportunity to inter-district and inter-state travel after months of staying home.

The short video went viral on social media as netizens raised their concerns on whether inter-state travel was allowed given that Klang Valley is still in Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP).

“The Jalan Duta Toll Plaza was really lively on Wednesday (15 September), everybody is taking this opportunity to “balik kampung” in conjunction with the Malaysia Day holiday?” a netizen asked.

On the other hand, there were netizens who speculated that the congestion was caused by the recent government’s announcement on the permission to travel to Langkawi.

“Maybe they all want to go to Langkawi. This is good as it leaves Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley empty and peaceful.” another netizen commented.

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