Thursday, March 30, 2023

Minister says to monitor SOP Compliance in Public Places through CCTVs

NewsMinister says to monitor SOP Compliance in Public Places through CCTVs

As Klang Vally moves to Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), the authorities are stepping up their effort to monitor the SOP compliance at public places to ensure that the citizens do not violate them.

The Federal Territories Minister, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said this will be done through monitoring the closed-circuit TV (CCTV) recordings, public address (PA) system, emergency buttons and mobilising of the enforcement teams and patrol vehicles in enforcing the rules.

“We will be doing this regularly in controlling the situation and ensuring no violation of the SOP.” he said after viewing the operations of the Rumah [email protected] Seasons yesterday (16 September).

“For example, the popular locations in Putrajaya are equipped with CCTVs and PA system with the situation monitored from the operations room and the announcements made and reminders on the SOP given to the visitors.”

“This does not only improve the enforcement, but the authorities can respond immediately when there is an emergency. There will be emergency buttons installed at several hotspots too.” he said.

When asked about the situation at parks in Klang Valley, he said there were no plans to limit the number of visitors and visiting hours at popular spots as of now as the situation in Klang Valley is under control.

“However, any changes to the rules will be decided through monitoring of the Covid-19 daily cases reported, which is the main criteria.” he added.

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