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5 Tourist in Langkawi tested Positive for Covid-19 on the First Day of Tourism Bubble Pilot Project

News5 Tourist in Langkawi tested Positive for Covid-19 on the First Day...

Yesterday (16 September) was the first day the Langkawi island become available for tourists visits after going through months of lockdowns and on this day alone, the island had recorded a total of 3,200 tourists!

Unfortunately, there were 5 tourists whom were tested positive for Covid-19 on the first day of the Langkawi Tourism Bubble Pilot Project.

Health Director-General, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said these cases were detected during the screenings at the air and sea entryway to Langkawi, adding that the patients were all under under Category 1 and asymptomatic.

Source: Twitter

“They have been ordered to undergo Home Surveillance and Observation (HSO) and to be isolated for a period of 10 days.” he said, as reported by The Edge.

Meanwhile, Dr Hisham also said that a total of 2,546 people were screened at the air and sea entryway to the resort island, of which 1,250 people were screened at four airport entryways and 1,296 people at the Kuala Perlis ferry terminal.

However, 12 children under 6 year-old did not undergo the screenings and they were allowed to enter the place with their respective families.

Source: Sin Chew

Once again, he also stress the importance of complying with the SOP and not taking the relaxation for granted.

“If we take the flexibility lightly, it’s not impossible for the infection situation to get worse.” he added.

Nonetheless, he advises tourists who exhibit symptoms during or after their visit to Langkawi to seek immediate medical care, or to conduct self-tests and self-quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, Bernama reported that the Ministry of Health (MOH) will continue to improve and facilitate the process and implementation of Covid-19 screenings to ensure they run smoothly and effectively.

Previously, the Ministry had required that Covid-19 screenings to be made prior to entering the island despite the Langkawi Tourism Bubble Pilot project is opened for fully vaccinated individuals. This is being done to avoid another Covid-19 outbreak.

As the government is opening more social and economic sectors, it is important to note that these relaxations comes with strict SOPs to be complied with, so as to prevent the virus from spreading.

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