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5 categories of Travellers who do not need to apply for MyTravelPass to travel abroad

News5 categories of Travellers who do not need to apply for MyTravelPass...

The Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the Immigration Department has been asked to review the categories of travellers heading abroad that can be granted permission directly without the need to apply through MyTravelPass.

According to Bernama, Hishammuddin said this directive was issued by the National Security Council (NSC) after the Pandemic Management Special Committee meeting on Tuesday (15 September).

He added that the decision was made after taking the public’s feedback and views on the MyTravelPass programme.

Source: Bernama

After the study, the Immigration Department will present the proposal to the NSC’s Covid-19 Technical Committee.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Department has proposed 5 categories of travellers who do not need to apply for approval through MyTravelPass to go abroad and they are:

  • Diplomats and embassy officials returning to work abroad, including their dependents
  • Students and dependents who are continuing their studies abroad, provided they have a valid student visa or dependent visa
  • Long-term pass holders of other countries (permanent residents/resident pass/employment pass)
  • Those working with petroleum and shipping companies who need to sign-on on ships overseas
  • Those escorting students abroad for study purposes, limited to 2 escorts only.

Meanwhile, the 7 categories of travellers who needed a MyTravelPass approval include the following:

  • Citizens who have been offered a job or entry into an educational institution abroad
  • Students who wish to sit for examinations abraod
  • Those who are attending meetings, seminars, business affairs abroad
  • Those who are participating in exhibitions. sports competitions, training abroad, together with a letter of support from the relevant regulatory agency
  • Emergency affairs concerning immediate family members (death/accident/illness)
  • Partner/fiancé visa holder (marriage not legally registered)
  • Those participating humanitarian or religious aid missions

Hishammuddin said that the only issue they are facing now is that certain airlines are requesting that passengers to show their MyTravelPass even if they are not in categories that do not require one. He added that this should not have happened.

“I have asked Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong to inform the companies to follow the guidelines that have been set.” he said.

He also mentioned that since 7 October last year to 10 September this year, the Immigration Department has received 356,510 applications and, of the total, 208,509 applications were approved; 127,465 rejected, while 6,697 cancelled by the applicants themselves, and 13,000 still being processed.

He added that the application can be rejected based on the 4 reasons, including the name is on a Immigration Department blacklist, incomplete documentation, uploaded documents cannot be read, and documents are falsified.

Lastly, he said travellers must get their MyTravelPass application done online 14 days prior to departure.

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