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YouTuber finds 28 year-old Proton Saga in a Barn in UK and it still works Perfectly!

Source: YouTube

Malaysians often take pride in our national products and even more so when we see them doing so well overseas.

Just as our country celebrates the Malaysia Day, a YouTuber from UK uploaded a video of a Proton Saga which left in a barn for over 28 years and they were surprised that it still works perfectly!

On Monday (13 September), Matt Richardson from the YouTube channel “Furious Driving” uploaded a 25 minute-long video of him visiting a garage in a barn somewhere in UK, where he discovered the Proton Saga Iswara 1.5GL triple valve.

Being a 28 year-old car, Richardson was surprised that the vehicle looked and smelled new when he first look into the car. He then presumed that the car was not heavily used and was kept safe in the garage away from harsh weather.

Source: YouTube

He then proceed to open the bonnet to check the condition of the engine, as well as some other parts such as the battery and the fluids, to see if the car is still in working condition.

Richardson then says he will return to the site a few days later, after learning that the car was sold to a friend named Steph Holloway from the “I Drive A Classic” YouTube channel who only got to have her first look at the car days after Richardson.

Meanwhile, Holloway was surprised to find the Proton Saga in a good condition.

Source: YouTube

During the next visit, they moved the car out of the garage and gave it a battery replacement before they tried starting the engine to see if it really worked.

Surprisingly, the Proton started without any problem, suggesting that it was working well. They then tested the brakes, windshield washers and air conditioners, which all of them worked smoothly without any problems!

“I’m so impressed with this car. When I was told that there’s a Proton in a barn, I was thinking yeah I’ll go and look. I’m interested in a car in a garage, it’s been set for a decade, just a piece of history and it’s gonna be interesting. But now it’s actually out here idling and everything’s working, even all four washer jets are squirting, I’m just like, how’s this so good and why have I never wanted a Proton before.” Richardson said.

He then asked Holloway how does she feel about owning the car, which she replied “Everyone in Malaysia is so jealous of me. They all love Protons, they can be all over there.”

Source: YouTube

She then said she planned to do bring the Proton for a MOT test after changing the tyres and so on.

Isn’t it cool to see our national car in all its glory in the UK? While not may of us are interested in old cars, especially those that were made in our own country, such discovery does makes us all proud as our national car had withstood the test of time, and thanks to its owners for maintaining it.

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