Thursday, February 2, 2023

Local Dope Show “16 Baris” Earns Recognition From Superstar Rapper SNOOP DOGG!

Social NewsLocal Dope Show "16 Baris" Earns Recognition From Superstar Rapper SNOOP DOGG!

A local social media hip-hop series that was regularly airing on YouTube for a number of years has now caught the attention of Superstar Rapper Snoop Dogg.

The hip-hop series was titled “16 Baris” or “16 Bars” and it was created by Malaysian hip-hop mainstay Joe Flizzow as he aims to foster the rap culture in Southeast Asia. The YouTube channel updates regularly with undiscovered talents from different parts of the region, namely Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The series is a collaboration between Kartel Records and Rocketfuel Entertainment, where they have undersigned rappers to come together to freestyle in a cypher, each one getting 16 bars to strut their stuff.

The series were been shot in Joe’s Barber Shop, located somewhere in Subang Jaya too.

Source: Straatosphere

16 Baris has done so well for themselves and has eventually earned themselves millions of followers and subscribers, and each episode fetch them at least hundred of thousands views, sometimes millions.

Meanwhile, there were different spin-offs of the series happening now in locales like Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Surprisingly, the show’s popularity managed to get the attention of some pretty big names in hip-hop and the most notable one was the iconic superstar Snoop Dogg himself.

“16 Baris, dope show with unsigned international rappers.” he wrote in his Instagram Stories.

Source: Instagram

The producer of the show, Joe Flizzow has then taken to his Instagram account to showcase a Zoom call he had with the superstar, Snoop Dogg, where he encouraged and praised the show, as well as the artists.

“Come on, man. I love what ya’ll are doing man, ya’ll got it looking real good over there. I’m kinda like milling my shit after this, I want it to feel like this, the way you guys are organised. You got sections, you know when it’s coming out, how it’s coming out, it’s connected to brands, TV, everything.”

Source: Instagram

“Like, this is the sh*t that I’ve been talking about and ya’ll actually doing it, so *claps*.” Snoop said.

It wasn’t clear what the conference call is about, but it’s amazing to see the efforts of local artists and entertainers getting the recognition that deserve after all the hard work and dedication they’ve put into creating such a platform to allow new artists to show their talents.

Meanwhile, Malaysians were hopeful of a possible collaboration between Snoop Dogg and our local hip-hop artists!

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