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Japan warns its citizens in Malaysia of possible Terrorist Attack

Social NewsJapan warns its citizens in Malaysia of possible Terrorist Attack

Yesterday (13 September), the Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has confirmed that a warning has been issued to its citizens who are residing in Malaysia and other South-east Asian countries over possible terrorist attacks.

According to The Vibes, a spokesperson from the embassy said they had received an email regarding the warning by its Foreign Ministry over the weekend, while another official told Bernama that the warning was issued this morning (13 September).

“There is information that there is an increasing possibility that suicide bomb attacks will occur in places where many people gather, such as places of worship.” the warning from the Japanese Embassy said.

“We ask all Japanese residents to remain vigilant against terrorist attacks.”

Source: NST

It was also reported that there are about 31,000 Japanese nationals residing in Malaysia currently.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Embassy also advise their citizens to avoid all “Western-owned” facilities such as restaurants, hotels, public transportation, markets, tourist spots and other areas that see large crowds.

The embassy also advised its citizens to pay extra attention to the surroundings and to immediately leave the premises if they detect any suspicious activities, in the event it is necessary for them to visit these marked locations.

They also urge its citizens to constantly keep themselves updated with the latest related information and always follow the instructions issued by the authorities through their official website, and especially so in the event of an attack.

Source: Straits Times

In addition, the other marked locations include military, police, security-related facilities, as well as government facilities.

The warning was not made only to Malaysia, but it includes several other countries in the region, including Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

The warning was made after the Japanese Foreign Ministry obtained intelligence about the attacks, however, they had not provide any further details.

Bernama also reported that the official said this was a directive that came from Tokyo and he did not elaborate further.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman Special Branch director, Comm Datuk Zamri Yahya said the police has not receive any information on a possible terrorist threat in the country, according to The Star.

“The warning issued by the Japanese embassy to its citizens in Malaysia on the possibility of a terrorist attack in Southeast Asia was a travel advisory.”

“These advisory notices are usually issued by an embassy or high commission for its citizens who are in foreign countries.”

“The warnings are issued based on a threat assessment done by the country (who is issuing the warning).”

“In this context, there is a possibility of a terrorist threat in the region (Southeast Asia).” he said.

He also said that the advice the Japanese embassy made to its citizens in Malaysia was a routine notice and he reassures that the police will continue to monitor any possible development and take appropriate actions.

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