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Covid-19 Patient claims to have been abducted by Penang Hospital

Social NewsCovid-19 Patient claims to have been abducted by Penang Hospital

Yesterday (13 September), an audio recording of a Covid-19 patient had went viral on social media after the patient claimed that he have been “abducted” and “forced” to be placed in the intensive care unit (ICU) by a hospital staff in Penang.

In the audio recording, the patient, Affendy Mohd Yusof, claims that he was healthy but was forced to use an oxygen mask.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Affendy has been receiving treatment in the hospital for a week and he had only gone to the hospital to be tested for Covid-19. However, he was being “forcefully” admitted for treatment at the hospital’s Covid-19 ward.

Affendy then said his friend also faced a similar situation.

Source: Facebook

The audio recording went viral with the hashtag, #BebaskanAffendy, where Affendy’s friend had urged the doctors at the hospital to “free” Affendy from the ICU.

On the other hand, the State Health Department Director, Dr Ma’arof Sudin had issued a statement in response to the matter. He said the patient was admitted to the ICU after being diagnosed as a Category 4 Covid-19 patient.

He said the initial examination on the patient showed his blood oxygen level was falling to a very worrying level, which prompted for an oxygen therapy treatment.

“Oxygen therapy was administered but further investigations found the patient’s condition was getting critical until the level of oxygen in the patient’s blood stabilised after using a ventilator.” he said.

Source: HKL

“Medical officers had informed the patient and his family members about his critical condition. The hospital had also repeatedly explained to the patient and his family members about the risks to his body and life if they did not allow the hospital to provide such treatment.”

“The patient, nevertheless, disagreed with the recommended treatment and had applied to be allowed to return at his own risk.” Dr Ma’arof said.

Nonetheless, Dr Ma’arof said the hospital had continued to place the patient in the ICU for monitoring purposes, even though he refused to receive oxygen therapy and ventilator breathing aid.

He added that his condition was still critical and he is able to spread the Covid-19 virus to others if he is allowed to return.

However, Dr Ma’arof denied that the hospital had not given the patient any food while he was in the ICU.

“The patient is given liquid food such as milk to facilitate the digestive process and avoid complications.”

“We are always concerned and will continue to monitor the patient and provide regular feedback to his family about his condition.” he said.

He also reminded the public and patients who have any questions, complaints or suggestions to contact the hospital directly for improvement of services.

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