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Woman orders a RM35K Chanel bag from Dubai but gets an empty box instead

Personal shopper Hanum Subri noticed something was missing when an order for a Chanel bag arrived. 

Hanum, 30, who was purchasing the RM35,000 (around US$8,400) maroon handbag on behalf of her client, had it shipped from Dubai via J&T Express’s courier service. When the box arrived at her client’s doorstep, the bag wasn’t in it. 

“I ordered this bag through Dubai Chanel from [a fellow] personal shopper,” Hanum said. “The Chanel box was dusty and had many fingerprints, even though it’s brand new.”

Hanum had to pay her client the full amount out of her own pocket. She said that J&T was still investigating the case today, two days later. The Indonesian logistic company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

The French fashion house has closed its retail stores in Malaysia due to the pandemic, forcing shoppers to purchase elsewhere. 

On Instagram, Hanum shared photos of the bag she had purchased that came with a microchip number, along with the torn, empty Chanel-branded box that was delivered to her customer. 

“Please let us know if you see this bag in the market,” Hanum wrote. “Classic Medium Double Flap Burgundy Caviar GHW microchip number LA2E3204 was stolen during shipping to a client. Speechless. The bag cost RM35k+ and it’s brand new.”

Hanum noted that the parcel remained at the J&T warehouse in Sabah for six days before the box was delivered sans the luxury good. The post also made it’s way to Twitter, gaining more than 5,000 retweets. 

Some users expressed sympathy for Hanum while others wondered why anyone would use J&T to ship such an expensive item since the company has a bad reputation, including one incident where its staff were filmed on a rampage, throwing and bashing parcels.

“Oh my heart! I hope you find the bag,” Malaysian comedian Azfar Heri said while Aii_Chanx chimed in: “She used J&T to ship a RM35k bag? My trust issues could never.”


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