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“If You Are Unlucky, You’ll Die. Problem Solved!” Netizens Furious over Insensitive Remark by MOH District Office

Source: Kosmo

“If you are lucky, you’ll recover. If you are unlucky, you’ll die. Problem solved!”

These were the remarks made by the Kerian Health District Office (Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Kerian) on its official Facebook page yesterday (12 September), which the caused a furious backlash from netizens for making such insensitive remarks.

Meanwhile, netizens in the comment section criticized the office for lacking professionalism in making such remarks.

Source: Kosmo

“MOH, please monitor the admin. He/she may be depressed and can’t think straight. Please give admin a booster now!” a netizen wrote.

Besides that, another netizen, called Ajmi AJ said these posts shouldn’t have been written publicly by government employees.

“I think this is a post that should not be made public. Government employees work and serve the community and the people.” he said.

Nonetheless, Kosmo also reported several toxic comments in the comment section of the post, wishing the death of those struggling to survive at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“If you want to solve the Covid-19 problem, just leave those in the ICU to die! That way, MOH won’t be tired anymore.” a netizen named Nurul Atikah wrote.

At the time of writing, the said post has been taken down by the office and they had issued an apology over the insensitive remark made on their Facebook page.

“We are now investigating the case and action will be taken accordingly.” they said.

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