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Chicken eggs increase in price

Egg prices have risen between 30 and 50 cents per grade for a quantity of 30 eggs over the past three weeks.

The matter was acknowledged by egg wholesalers in the cities of Kota Bharu and Tumpat who informed that the price of the goods went up due to several factors including increased costs on the farm.

The egg wholesaler, who only wants to be known as Lee, 40, said the price of eggs has risen between 30 and 50 sen for a quantity of 30 eggs over the past three weeks.

He said the price of eggs went up because his premises got the price of eggs at a high price from the farm.

“It is possible that prices will go up because due to increased costs on the farm including the cost of chicken bran, workers’ salaries and transportation.

“Previously, the price of 30 eggs was RM10.80 for grade C and increased to RM11.10, while grade B was sold for RM12.30 and previously RM11.80. The same goes for grade A and AA which also increased between 30 to 50 cents for 30 seeds, “he said when met here today.

According to him, due to the increase in egg prices, he received complaints from buyers who felt burdened by the increase in egg prices.

He said the increase and decrease in egg prices often occurred which was in line with the increase in costs on the farm.

A retailer, Nor Azila Ramli, 45, said that although the price of eggs went up, she still sold at the same price of RM2 for five grade C eggs.

“I get a slightly higher price from the wholesaler, yet I still sell at normal prices to the villagers.”

“I do not want to think of profit because my intention is to help those who are in trouble,” he said when met at Wakaf Bharu here.


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