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MMA Warns About The Use of Oxygen Canisters without Medical Advice

NewsMMA Warns About The Use of Oxygen Canisters without Medical Advice

Yesterday (11 September), the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has warned about the unregulated sales and purchase of oxygen supplementation canisters that is currently happening in Malaysia. MMA added that the use of oxygen canisters without medical advise may even be harmful to the patient.

MMA President, Dr Subramaniam Muniandy said oxygen canisters should only be used under strict advice and supervision by registered medical practitioners, adding that it poses a fire hazard too.

“MMA is deeply concerned over the widespread advertising of oxygen supplementation canisters, which supply 99% of pure oxygen for home use.”

Source: Utusan

“In one advertisement, a company even highlights that the product has been approved by the health ministry and indicated that oxygen supplementation is safe for children.” he said, as reported by FMT.

Meanwhile, Dr Subramaniam said he noted that since the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia, many people had tried to supplement atmospheric oxygen that they breathe, with either oxygen concentrators or canister oxygen.

He then stressed the importance for the public to understand that all Covid-19 patients using an oxygen concentrator or canister oxygen under home isolation should be closely monitored by health officers.

He added that if any deterioration detected in the partial pressure of oxygen, the patient should be admitted to the hospital immediately for further assessment and treatment.

Dr Subramaniam also said the home-use oxygen supplementation should only be prescribed to patients with a low, partial oxygen pressure due to a chronic lung or heart condition.

“It should only be given in a controlled amount as excessive oxygen is not beneficial and can be toxic to a patient.”

“There are many complications that arise from breathing pure oxygen for a prolonged period of time.”

“Also, the oxygen coming out from the canister is cold and dry. It needs to be conditioned before we can breathe it.”

“Breathing cold and dry air can damage the lungs and increase the risk for us to get lung infection.”

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