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Khairy Urge Parents To Be Vigilant Over Unvaccinated Children

Source: Straits Times

The Malaysian government has recently announced a series of SOP relaxation, in view that the adult population is gradually reaching herd immunity.

However, the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin had once again urge Malaysian parents to remain vigilant as their kids aged 12 and below are yet to be vaccinated.

In response to the concerns of their child may be exposed to the risk of Covid-19, Khairy advised parents to take necessary precautions to avoid them from being placed in a perilous situation related to Covid-19.

Meanwhile, he said the Ministry noted that some parents are taking their unvaccinated children to Langkawi and he said parents are welcomed to do so, but they should remain cautious and not allow their children from running around with strangers.

Source: Harian Metro

He also mentioned that while the number of children infected with Covid-19 remained relatively small, there are instances of death among them.

On the other hand, Khairy said the Ministry of Education (MOE) will be soon making an announcement on the vaccination programme for schoolgoing children.

He said the Ministry has placed a key performance index on getting the teens in Malaysia to be vaccinated by January 2021, either through their schools or special schemes.

Source: CodeBlue

Khairy also mentioned that there were about 3 million teenagers in the country.

As for Penang, which homes 130,000 teenagers, the vaccination programme will begin in the next 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, he also said the Ministry has called out to private hospitals to increase their capacity to treat Covid-19 patients even though intensive care units at their facilities were functioning at 117%.

In addition, Khairy has urged the association of private hospitals to increase 1,000 additional beds so they can reduce the pressure on public hospitals in handling cases due to the pandemic.

“Under the law, we have the means to compel the private hospitals to cooperate, but we hope we are not forced to do it.”

Nonetheless, he also encourage the foreigners to go for the walk-in vaccinations if they have yet to be vaccinated.

He added that the Ministry will launch campaigns to encourage as many non-citizens as possible including the migrant working population to get vaccinated.

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