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Pos Malaysia Extend Their Appreciation to Frontliners with Special Edition Stamp Collection by Local Artist Red Hong Yi

Social NewsPos Malaysia Extend Their Appreciation to Frontliners with Special Edition Stamp Collection...

As Malaysia gradually moves out of the shadows of Covid-19, Pos Malaysia had announced that they will be launching a set of special edition stamps to celebrate and pay tribute to the Malaysia frontliners.

Meanwhile, Pos Malaysia said the series of special edition stamps were designed by a local contemporary artist Red Hong Yi, who is the Malaysian artist who created the powerful TIME magazine cover about climate change and creating NFTs featuring the doge banknotes from 6 different countries.

This theme of these special edition stamps is “Barisan Hadapan Covid-19” or “Covid-19 Frontliners”, and were featuring the frontliners from the Ministry of Health (MOH), Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM). In addition, these stamps were exclusively designed in the form of sketches!

Hong Yi said she had turned over 5,000 pieces of Pos Malaysia’s Setem Ku stamps into collages of the featured frontliners.

“For each of these stamps, if you take a look at them, all their patterns are different and I really wanted to highlight what was going on within, like the images that were going on within these stamps.” she said.

What’s special about these stamps are they comes with a special invisible ink printing of Covid-19 that is only visible under ultraviolet light.

Source: Instagram

According to Pos Malaysia, they said Malaysia could not have make it through this tough times without these frontliners.

“From our incredible healthcare workers who have worked around the clock to provide care and support, to the security forces who have manned the many checkpoints across the country, Malaysian frontliners have once again shown just how essential they are, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.” Pos Malaysia said in their press release.

Nonetheless, the complete set of the special edition stamps can be bought for RM36.50 and each stamp is RM1.50 each.

Apart from the 4 stamps, the collection includes 20,000 copies of First Day Covers (FDC), which are available at 50 sen each. Those who are interested in collecting the series are able to get both the FDC and the stamps for RM6.50.

You can also get one of the 1,800 folders for RM6 a piece and a stamp sheet, which has 16 stamps at RM24 per piece. 

The “Barisan Hadapan Covid-19” stamp edition will be made available on Pos Malaysia’s e-commerce website from 9 September. You may also get them at the 13 General Post offices and selected post offices nationwide.

Are you interested in collecting this special edition stamp? Share your thoughts!

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