Thursday, February 2, 2023

Air Ventilation Unit in Semarak Tunnel fell and crashed on a Lorry

NewsAir Ventilation Unit in Semarak Tunnel fell and crashed on a Lorry

A road accident had took place inside a tunnel along Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, Kuala Lumpur today (11 September).

An air ventilation unit in the Semarak Tunnel near the Malaysian Police Training Centre (PULAPOL) had fell on a container lorry, as reported by Bernama on Facebook.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

As a result, the container the lorry is carrying was badly damaged.

In a brief report by Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS), the lorry was said moving to the city centre.

The ventilation structure had been removed by the authorities by 11 a.m. and the roads have been reopened for public use.

According to The Star, City Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Chief, Asst Comm Sarifudin Mohd Salleh said the lorry had knocked off part of the ventilation system while passing through the tunnel.

“This led to part of it falling down, hitting the lorry. The top part of a container the lorry had been carrying was damaged.”

“The accident did not lead to any injuries or affected other vehicles.” he said.

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