Sunday, March 26, 2023

Say Goodbye to Traffic Congestion, Malaysia will Test Out its First Multi Lane Free Flow Tolling System In Early 2022

NewsSay Goodbye to Traffic Congestion, Malaysia will Test Out its First Multi...

Tired of the traffic congestion that was caused by tolls on highway? Here’s some good news for you, if you are travelling frequently on highways.

Malaysia will soon have its first-ever Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) tolling system on our highways!

The tolling system is an electronic toll collection system which is similar to Japan’s ETC and Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing (ERP).

Meanwhile, the project will be handled by Green Packet Bhd (Green Packet) and FETC International Co. (FETCi) and the Proof of Concept (POC) of the new tolling system will be installed at Besraya KM5.5 (North Bound) and is scheduled for data collection for 3 month.

In a statement by Green Packet, they said the data collected from the POC during the 3-month period will be shared with relevant authorities and RFID (radio-frequency identification) hardware to collect toll electronically as a car passes by.

This data will then give valuable insight for the authorities to determine whether there is a need for toll booths, which is a major source of traffic jams.

“We are thrilled to be executing Malaysia’s first-ever Proof of Concept for a Multi Lane Free Flow tolling system. This tolling gantry is very much in line with the government’s continuous efforts for better transport infrastructure, smoother traffic flow and less congestion.”

“We look forward to making this a reality, and to continue working with the government in advancing Malaysia’s digitalisation forward.” said Shukor Karim, Executive Director at Green Packet.

On the other hand, Managing Director of FETCi, Dr Yongchang Chang, said this is the right step for Malaysia and is confident that positive results will be produced.

“Multi Lane Free Flow tolling systems have been proven to dramatically improve traffic flow. This system has seen resounding success in several other Asian countries, such as Singapore. We are confident that this Proof of Concept will produce positive results and move Malaysia’s infrastructure modernisation forward in the right direction.” he said.

Nonetheless, the system comes with bonus features of vehicle counting, road condition monitoring and speed detecting.

If compared to the current Touch n Go RFID, this system allows you to pass through at much higher speed!

The downside of this system is that you will need one more hardware instead of just a sticker

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