Saturday, January 28, 2023

“Please Don’t, He’s My Dad” Young Girl cried after Angry Samaritan punches her Abusive Dad

Social News"Please Don’t, He’s My Dad" Young Girl cried after Angry Samaritan punches...

Recently, a disheartening story of a drug addict attempted to sell his daughter for RM6,000 had touched the hearts of many and went viral on the Internet. The incident took place in the streets of Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

However, there were more to the incident and a netizen had shared another disheartening video about the father and his young daughter.

In this video, the father was caught hitting his 4 year-old daughter while he was confronted by another man, who then beaten up the father for his child abuse acts.

Apparently, the man was angry at the father for he had left his child unattended on the streets at night. The man then confronted the father and yelled at him “If you leave this girl again, you’re dead!”.


He also warned the father to take better care of his child and accused him of being a drunk and a drug addict.

As the argument escalated, the father suddenly slapped the little girl and blamed her for all the happenings. The samaritan then stepped in to protect the little girl and continue to beat the father up.

The man even threatened to call the police for what he had done to the child.

However, the little girl started crying and said “Please don’t, he is my dad”, while she holds his hand and not letting him go.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the man in the video was the same man who appeared in a series of video posted by a TikTok user, aya_kl6, who often takes care of the little girl.

The man was believed to be a shopkeeper at a local convenience store, where the girl frequently visits and he refers her as his regular customer.

In the series of video on TikTok, the man appeared to be close with the little girl, name Aishah and there was even a video of him seen brushing and fixing the girl’s hair and them conversing with one another.

“I want to be your mom, your dad and love you. I don’t have parents myself you know?” the man said in one of the videos as the girl tells him stories of her family.

At one point in time, the man had offered to take her home with him, but she refused to leave her father’s side.

Currently, the news of the girl’s abuse had alerted the Welfare Department following a police report made by a netizen after she found the little girl being left on the streets, and her father requested RM6,000 as a price to the netizen for taking the girl home.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman Sexual, Women and Child Investigations Division (D11) Principal Assistant Director Siti Kamsiah Hassan said the authorities have been made aware of the case and they are actively locating for the girl and the father’s whereabouts.

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