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Get Up-to-Date Covid-19 info with COVIDNOW by KKM

In order to keep Malaysians update with timely information of Covid-19, the Ministry of Health (KKM) has introduced its new Covid-19 statistics website, called COVIDNOW, where it would show more granular data about the all pandemic in Malaysia.

Yesterday (9 September), Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin had officially launched the website and he said the website will be accessible starting 9 September at 6 p.m.

Meanwhile, he said the information on the website will be updated on a daily basis at 12 p.m. and the Ministry will display key data that is easier to understand and accessible to the general public.

Source: The Star

“We don’t want our public healthcare capacity to be overwhelmed. It’s important that we give the actual data on the active cases on a daily basis, where they are, what category they are based on where they are located.” Khairy said.

The website has a Homepage where vaccination and Covid-19 statistics can be seen. The details that the Ministry shares include more specific information in categories like Vaccination, Deaths, Ventilations, ICU, Hospitalisation and Cases from the different tabs at the top-right of the screen.

In addition, you can view these statistics either nationwide or according to individual states with the drop-down menu at the top-left of the screen.


At the same time, Khairy said the Ministry had shared this data and information with the public so the public can have a better understanding and overview of the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia.

With this information available online now, he said the Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah will no longer give Covid-19 updates via daily press statements starting next week.

He added that the Ministry under his lead, will be working on making behavioural changes and enhancing the standard operating procedures (SOPs) to facilitate the country to enter a new phase of learning to live with Covid-19.

Check out the COVIDNOW website at https://covidnow.moh.gov.my/.

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