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Religious Affairs Minister denies wearing Luxury Watch, but Netizens aren’t Convinced

Social NewsReligious Affairs Minister denies wearing Luxury Watch, but Netizens aren't Convinced

Idris Ahmad was officially the Religious Minister of the Malaysian government almost a week, but he soon finds himself in hot water after Malaysian activist and lawyer Siti Kasim took to social media to accuse him of wearing a Rolex watch.

Siti Kasim had tweeted “Heard he’s the new religious minister now. Goes around praying on the floor of an office wherever he goes. Also wears Jawi name tag only. No BM.”

The tweet that went viral on social media had been deleted by Siti Kasim but netizens managed to get a screenshot of the post.

Source: Twitter

Idris Ahmad then tweeted to respond to Siti Kasim, explaining that the watch he was spotted wearing is a Buruj timepiece that shows prayers times and the kiblat direction.

“For your information, I’ve had this Buruj watch for a long time. It makes it easy for me to tell prayer times and the kiblat direction.”

“I can pray anywhere. Even in the office I can pray because it is easy to determine the direction of the kiblat.” he said.

Following his explanation, Siti had posted an apology, saying she got it wrong.

Meanwhile, netizens were not convinced by the Religious Minister’s clarification as one netizen managed to find the exact photo that Idris Ahmad shared on a Shopee product listing.

Netizens were asking whether Idris is the seller behind the Shopee store too.

On the other hand, there were netizens who said this could be a marketing strategy by Buruj to attract the attention of the public!

Nonetheless, nobody knows the truth and whether this is a matter that is worth finding out too.

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