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Digi’s campaign to collect smartphones and distribute to B40 students

Digi’s #MyBaikHati campaign aimed to collect and repurpose old smartphones as well as notebooks, so that they can be distributed to the B40 students.

Before this you were able to donate the devices at selected drop-off centres, but Digi is now offering to pick up the devices from your doorstep for greater convenience.

Upon signing up to donate a device on the #MyBaikHati website, someone from Digi will reach out to schedule a pick-up date within 7 business days. However, the pick-up service is only available throughout Peninsular Malaysia for now.

While registering your interest, you would need to enter your personal particulars as well as your device details including an image of it. The devices must be functional, with no major damage.

If your device has minor issues such as a faulty battery or keyboard, it is still acceptable. Having the chargers intact would be an added bonus. Digi only accepts 4G supported smartphones and tablets as well as laptops running at least Windows 8. 3G devices are not accepted since Malaysia is sunsetting 3G by the end of this year.

The donated devices will be evaluated upon pickup. If it is acceptable, it will be distributed to individuals residing near a selected Digi internet community centre. If you are a B40 student and would like access to a device, you would need to confirm your eligibility by walking to a selected Digi internet community centre near you. To view the list of internet centres, click here.

The campaign will run nationwide until 1 March 2022. If you are in the Klang Valley and would prefer to drop off the devices instead, you can do so at Digi Store Klang, or Digi Store Cheras.

Besides, Digi is also providing other means of assistance for students to continue their online learning. Under the government-led Jaringan Prihatin programme, users can enjoy rebates of up to RM180 for prepaid and postpaid plans, or a device subsidy of up to RM300 from telcos including Digi.

Digi is also offering a special youth package with 15GB of internet that can be purchased at RM20 a month until 31 October 2021. Furthermore, Digi also has Gemilang deals where users can purchase smartphones from RM1 when they subscribe to selected plans.


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