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Drug Addict in KL allegedly sells his Daughter for RM6,000 for drugs

Social NewsDrug Addict in KL allegedly sells his Daughter for RM6,000 for drugs

How could a parent treat their child with such unacceptable manner?

Recently, a netizen took to Facebook to share a tragic story of a drug addict who tried to sell his daughter for RM6,000 in exchange for more drugs. The incident took place just in front a restaurant, Warung Makan Sahabat, along the streets of Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

In the Facebook post, the netizen said she heard someone fighting on the streets while she was conducting her evening prayers. She then peeked through her windows and she saw an Indian man throwing punches at another man.

The Indian man then shouted “Why are you beating the child up?”

Source: Facebook

The man replied “This is my child. I can do whatever I want to her!”

The man then grab hold of her daughter’s hand and lied down in front of the warehouse of the restaurant.

After witnessing the incident, the netizen immediately rushed to the scene and grab the child’s hand, following with a hug.

Source: Facebook

However, the man did not respond to the netizen and continued wandering around on the streets. It seemed that the man wanted to bring his child back to their home too.

Watching the unbearable scene, the netizen then called out to the man and said “Please give me this child.”

The man replied “Give me RM6,000 in exchange for the child. I’m tired of taking care of her. I needed drugs.”

The netizen immediately notice that the situation isn’t right and she contacted the police and inform them about the situation.

The police were quick to reach the scene and have taken control of the situation. However, the child continued to hug the netizen tightly and the police requested her to temporarily take care of the child, which she agreed to.

Source: Facebook

The situation ended there but the netizen had share more updates on the child on the following day.

She said that the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia had been informed about the situation and they will be taking in the child. However, they are still arranging for the shelter of the child.

Meanwhile, netizens requested whether can the authorities put the man in a rehabilitation centre and only let them reunite when he recovers. However, it seems that the proceedings where not simple, but the netizen is in the process of getting it done.

Drug addiction does not only bring harm to us but it had never solved our problems. Hence, never put your hands on any of these harmful substances.

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