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Hypnotized the cashier and run away with RM1,380 cash

A cashier at a premises selling frozen food and groceries in Jalan Iskandar, claimed to have been hypnotized by two individuals who ran away with RM1,380 in cash last Thursday.

Kampar Blood Police Chief, Superintendent Hasron Nazri Hashim said, in the incident at 4.48 pm, the victim was working at the payment counter before being approached by two male and female suspects believed to be foreigners.

He said the suspect who bought the goods paid at the counter and wanted to exchange RM100.

CCTV footage found that the male suspect took all the RM50 from the payment counter money machine and counted it in front of the victim.

While counting, the suspect folded the money in his left hand and put it in his pants pocket before putting the money back in the money machine.

“The suspect did the same thing again, before leaving, the suspect took RM100 from the payment counter money machine and put it in his pants pocket,” he said in a statement here today.

According to Hasron, after some customers made the payment, the victim felt strange and recounted the money in the machine and found that it was reduced before informing the shop manager of the incident because he was suspected of being hypnotized by the man.

“The estimated loss is RM1,380 and the case is classified according to Section 380 of the Penal Code,” he said.

According to him, the results of further CCTV inspection at the scene found that the two suspects were foreigners who wore face masks and entered the premises to buy two packets of spices before going to the counter to make payment.

He said the investigation found that the incident happened when the victim was alone at the payment counter while another employee was at the store, “he said.

Earlier, it spread on social media regarding the incident of the victim being hypnotized by two individuals through CCTV footage.


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