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Rais Yatim proposed to put MACC under Parliament in efforts to raise Public Confidence

NewsRais Yatim proposed to put MACC under Parliament in efforts to raise...

If this proposal goes through, it will be a step forward for Malaysia’s democracy!

Yesterday (3 September), the Special Committee on Corruption Chairman, Rais Yatim had proposed that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to be placed under the Parliament to prevent the agency from being influenced by politics and is outside of other influences too.

He added that this move will turn MACC into a more independent and neutral department, which will improve the public’s level of trust and confidence in MACC too.

Source: Malay Mail

“I am motivated to help so that MACC is placed under Parliament. We will give special consideration to realise this objective.”

“This is because if MACC is too exposed to the power and influence of the executive or parties not related to integrity, over time it will be influenced by politics and outside influences.” he said at a briefing session with Chief Commissioner, Azam Baki at MACC headquarters, according to FMT.

Meanwhile, he said that the MACC is making the preparations and will present the case to the Parliament soon.

“They are now also doing homework to spruce up the law pertaining to their status as a commission; the staffing of the MACC now comes under the Public Services Department (JPA).”

“So to come under them directly they need to create a commission under the Constitution.”

“When that is done they prefer that jurisdictionally the MACC is to be under a non-partisan entity. So Parliament is their choice. I heard that and I said that would be a good overture and my committee is prepared to support the view as entrusted under Section 14 of the MACC Act.” he said, according to The Star.

Apart from that, Rais, who is also the Dewan Negara president, said that anti-corruption education should be included in the school syllabus to ensure the younger generation is protected from the unhealthy culture of corrupt practices that can damage the country.

“Corruption is dangerous and can destroy our way of life. The culture of hating corruption should start in schools and universities … maybe anti-corruption education can be included in the syllabus or implemented through extracurricular activities.” he added.

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