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Hotel Guest pays with $10 million Hell Bank Note, spooks Receptionist to her bones!

Social NewsHotel Guest pays with $10 million Hell Bank Note, spooks Receptionist to...

The Hungry Ghost Festival is still around the corner and the tradition says that this the month where wandering ghosts and spirits were allowed to visit the living. Hence, this comes the practice of people offering food and other items, such as hell bank notes to them.

Recently, a receptionist working at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur had took to Facebook to share that she was given $10 million ‘worth’ of bank notes as payment for his stay.

The incident spooked the receptionist to her bones as it was her first time encountering someone who uses hell bank notes as a currency, in addition to the fact that it is still the Ghost month.

Source: Facebook

The post was being shared on 1 September and it had garnered over 11,000 shares and 1,900 likes at the time of writing.

The post was written in Mandarin, where the netizen said the incident took place during the day and she was fortunate that it did not happen mid-night.

The netizen also said that the man had walked into the hotel where she was working as the receptionist, and acted like any other ordinary customer. However, when asked for payment, he pulled out 2 hell bank notes, or joss paper meant to resemble real currency, and burnt for the deceased, to use as legal tender, which left her frighten.

Source: Facebook

She also said that through their conversation, the man found the ‘bank notes’ on the ground, and kept it in his pocket for safe keeping for a whole month.

Nonetheless, it is obvious that the hell bank note could not be used for any transactions among the living and she had to explain to the customer that he cannot use the currency to pay for his stay.

The netizen also shared a video of the incident, where she can be heard telling him “tak boleh pakai” or “cannot be used”. She then asked him to show her the money again, just to confirm that they were indeed hell bank notes that were meant for the deceased.

In the post, she also also mentioned that it is her first time that she came across such an incident despite having worked at the hotel for several years. She added that this will hopefully be the last, as the Hungry Ghost Festival isn’t over, and this experience have frightened her.

Meanwhile, as Malaysia is a multi-racial country, it is common that people from different background to not understand the tradition of others. Hence, mistakenly taking the hell bank note as the real currency is a honest mistake.

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Watch the video here:


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