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Covid-19 patient risks Kidney Failure after following a 14-pill Daily Prescription by “Nutritionist”

Social NewsCovid-19 patient risks Kidney Failure after following a 14-pill Daily Prescription by...

Everybody knows the damage the Covid-19 virus does to our body. However, getting yourself treated with prescriptions from Google or some “nutritionist” is even more so.

Recently, a netizen, who was a health expert at Hospital Pengajar Universiti Putra Malaysia (HPUPM) had shared a story about a Category 4 Covid-19 patient who refused to be treated at a hospital and instead, he believes in treating himself with supplements and the unapproved medicine for Covid-19, Ivermectin.

The netizen also revealed that his treatment consists of 14 different kinds of pills, ranging from unapproved medications to supplements. However, he was being warded to the hospital as his condition continues to worsens.

The netizen then said that when the Covid-19 patient was warded to the hospital, he was already in Category 4, or in other words severe Covid-19.

Source: The Straits Times

The netizen said the quick check up revealed that the alanine aminotransferase (ALT) reading of the patient’s liver was at 300, and this reading is 10 times higher than that of normal people.

When being asked, the patient said he had been taking various supplements recommended by a “nutritionist” from a Company, and is even taking Ivermectin, which is not a approved medication by the Ministry of Health.

His course consists of Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin D alphacalcidol, Vitamin C Mega dose, spirulina, and Vitamin B complex and many other supplements that the netizen could not remember.

In addition, the patient thinks that these supplements and medication will be able to help his body to gain a stronger immune system against the Covid-19 virus.

However, the patient’s health did not improve and instead, he is getting liver and kidney failure.

The netizen then commented with sarcasm, saying “The patient is eating vitamins and supplements as if we are living in a country in poverty, where the people are starving and are experiencing malnutrition.”

“Malaysia has enough food and we have not reach that stage yet” he said.

The post had caught the attention of Dr Rafidah Abdullah, another medical expert at Putrajaya Hospital and he advices Malaysians to not eat nutritional supplements in that manner.

He also pointed out that this is a common problem faced by all doctors who are dealing with Covid-19 patients, where they had believed in the prescription they got online or from some “nutritionist”.

Having said that, he advise everybody who are not feeling well to seek medical advice from health experts. Do not consume supplements or unapproved medications on your own.

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