Tuesday, February 7, 2023

M’sian criticizes UMNO Youth Leader after Netizens found out his home looks like a Supercar Showroom

Social NewsM'sian criticizes UMNO Youth Leader after Netizens found out his home looks...

Very often, we will see wealthy individuals flaunting their wealth and lifestyle on social media. However, when our politicians started doing it, it will always cause a furious backlash from the public.

Recently, a netizen, Farhan (@lamkanahraf) took to Twitter to showcase the UMNO Youth Leader, Datuk Nazir Hussin Akhtar Hussin’s home.

The 20-second video showed only his car porch and it looked more like a supercar showroom with a number a luxury cars and motorcycles.

The netizen then captioned sarcastically “Wow, who’s house is this? #idol”

Obviously, one would be able to estimate that the luxurious porch of the house would cost millions with just a quick glance. Netizens on the other hand could only weep their tears of jealousy.

For your information, Datuk Nazir is also known to be the first owner of one of the world’s most expensive motorcycles, the Ducati Superleggera V4 which costs around RM888,000.

You must be curious on what Datuk Nazir does to be able to support his luxurious lifestyle.

Source: Motoqar

Apart from being the UMNO Youth Chief for Titiwangsa, Datuk Nazir is also the Chairman of Yayasan Bank Rakyat (YBR).

Having said that, netizens were not convinced by that and claimed that the pay cheque from his job does not earn him that amount of money. There were some who said that he may have gotten the funds fraudulently or through Malaysia’s corrupt political system.

In the comment section, netizens said “The people’s money. The people are suffering, VIPs and politicians are enjoying Haram money.”

“He’s a youth leader and he’s living like a drug lord. No wonder many are scrambling to be in power, no shame and does not remember the afterlife.” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, a netizen also called for the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (SPRM) to investigate Datuk Nazir on how did he get his funds and is he paying enough taxes.

There were some who speculated that Datuk Nazir could have inherited the wealth from his family. However, there are no verifiable sources to confirm this speculation.

Having said that, the average Malaysians will continue to see this painful situation whereby a politician’s wealth continue to grow and their wallets remained thin.

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