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Cyberjaya is revolutionising its Transport System with Trackless Trams

Social NewsCyberjaya is revolutionising its Transport System with Trackless Trams

Yesterday (2 September), the Sepang Municipal Council (MPSepang) has confirmed that the 3-month pilot project for the trackless automated rapid transit (ART) public tram system will undergo real-world testing between Persiaran Rimba Permai and Persiaran Bestar.

So, how does ART revolutionise the transport system in Cyberjaya?

ART is a mix of busses, light rail transit (LRT) and trams that run on the streets. What’s special about ART is that instead of running on tracks that were made for the tram on the road itself, ART system will be running on wheels and will navigate itself on a virtual track.

In addition, the tram will running on electric and is fully autonomous! However, it can still function manually with a driver behind the controls.

Source: Facebook

It was reported that each tram will consist of 3 carriages and can travel up to 70 km/h with a maximum capacity of 307 passengers.

Meanwhile, the President of MPSepang, Abdul Hamid Hussain said that the project is able to help Cyberjaya reduce its carbon emission by 40% by 2030. This also maps out the future of the city’s public transport.

Source: The Iskandarian

At the same time, the Malaysia Institute of Transport (Mitrans) is recommending the system to be adopted by other cities as the maintenance of the system is significantly cheaper than LRTs and monorails.

“The batteries are not expensive, the vehicle is lightweight, and the manufacturing requirements allow it to be assembled locally,” said Prof Wan Mazlina Wan Mohamed, according to Lowyat.net.

Nonetheless, Cyberjaya isn’t the only place that will have its public transport system upgraded. Other local governments, including Johor Bahru and Kuching, Sarawak had expressed their interest in implementing the ART system.

In January 2021, Johor Bahru had started its trial run with the ART system along with a fleet of electric busses on its roads under the Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (IMBRT) project. The local government then took it to Facebook to share the success of the pilot test.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, the Sarawak state government has set to launch their pilot project somewhere in 2023 and the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation had aimed to have the system operational by 2025.

Electric trams were common means of transportation in cities of Europe and China too.

Malaysia has its own operational tram system in George Town back then too, but it gradually turn obsolete in the 30s as buses and other modes of transportation were more convenient at that point in time.

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