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COVID-19 Positive Mother Forced to Give Birth Alone in Hospital

Social NewsCOVID-19 Positive Mother Forced to Give Birth Alone in Hospital

Recently, a woman had took to Facebook to share her painful experience of having to give birth alone in the hospital ward without the help from doctors and nurses, for she was tested positive for Covid-19 when she was at the hospital in labour.

In the post, she said the doctors had not allowed her to deliver normally and she was placed in an isolation ward, while waiting for a caesarean section.

However, while she was waiting for the operation, she suddenly felt an unbearable stomach pain and blood started gushing out.

She immediately notice that she was about to give birth and she scream out for help, but nobody had responded to her.

Source: HKL

“I tried calling for nurses and doctors one more time, but disappointingly, they did not respond.” she said.

After 10 minutes of shouting, she realised that the situation is turning critical and she had to deliver the baby on her own.

“I prayed and lifted my legs. I pushed not even for two seconds, and thankfully I safely delivered my baby without the help of doctors and nurses.” she said.

Fortunately, she managed to deliver her baby despite it almost dropped off the bed.

“I have been screaming for 10 minutes with my remaining energy for the doctors and nurses to come but I was disappointed when I heard them laughing outside.” she added.

After the incident went viral, the Johor Health Department has confirmed the incident took place in Sultan Ismail Hospital (HSI), Johor Bahru and had happened back in 31 July.

The Department Head, Dato’ Dr Aman Rabu had issued a statement on Wednesday (1 September) in response to the incident.

In the statement, he said the 36 year-old patient was warded to the hospital on 23 July with early signs of labour. She was pregnant at 39 weeks with her 4th child.

He said that the health officers were preparing for the patient’s operation but when they attend to her, they found her with her baby on the bed. Meanwhile, he also gave possible explanations on why nobody heard her screams.

Source: Harian Metro

“The patient was COVID-19 positive and had to be placed in an isolation room. The delivery process happened unexpectedly and took place six hours ahead of the expected delivery time.”

“She was left in room number two with the door closed because she was COVID-19 positive and the room is quite far from the nurses’ counter.” he said.

He added that the personal protective equipment (PPE) ‘donning’ procedure requires time and the laughter the patient heard could be from a nearby room where a vacuum delivery was taking place.

Having said that, he assured that the department will investigate the incident and take necessary steps to improve their service.

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