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AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes flaunts his new Tesla Y, but gets roasted by Netizens

Social NewsAirAsia’s Tony Fernandes flaunts his new Tesla Y, but gets roasted by...

On Tuesday (31 August), AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes had shared a few selfies of his new Tesla Model Y on Instagram, while captioning things about going green and moving away from petrol-powered vehicles, as well as expressing love for his new electric car.

However, netizens were not impressed by his flex and some demanded for air ticket refunds, in addition to angry employees who asked for their salaries to be paid on time.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, AirAsia was forced to reimburse over 2 million customers for air tickets and had let go more than 10% of their employee.

A quick scroll through the comment shows that majority of netizens were echoing the same demands, asking Tony about the status of customer refunds and staff pay.

Meanwhile, many gave cynical replies on how Tony was able to flex his wealth while his customers have yet to be refunded for their cancelled flights due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, some pointed that AirAsia employees have their pay reduced or paid out late too.

“Since you can buy a Tesla, why can’t you refund my AirAsia tickets?” a netizen said.

Source: Instagram

“So I guess the salary payment won’t be late again this month.” another netizen said.

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) is in place last March, most airlines including AirAsia have been grounded and they have not flown in over a year.

With that, Tony had previously acknowledged that AirAsia is in financial distress because of the pandemic and it is looking for a corporate restructuring to survive the pandemic.

As for the refunds, AirAsia had promised to pay back its customers either in cash or in AirAsia credit.

As of April 2021, it was reported that AirAsia had paid off around 1.5 million claims with 2.9 million customers accepting a credit refund in the form of a credit shell.

Source: lowyat

However, there were still 450,000 customers who were still waiting for their refunds and AirAsia had not responded to them.

Apart from that, AirAsia had reduced more than 10% of its 24,000 staff and most of them were pilots and cabin crews.

AirAsia had been forcing hundreds of its employees to undergo retraining and were relocated to other job positions within the company.

Nonetheless, Tony had promised those retrenched employees that in the future, he will consider rehiring them.

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