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Youth Activist receives a Death Threat over a #Lawan video

Social NewsYouth Activist receives a Death Threat over a #Lawan video

The right to voice out your opinion is the freedom of all Malaysians!

Yesterday (1 September), Secretary Solidarity Rakyat (SSR) had took it to social media to condemn the threats and sexual harassment made against environmental activist Shakila Zen.

In the statement, SSR said Shakila had on Monday (30 August) received a package from an anonymous sender, which contains a fake bloody arm and a note attached. The note threatens her with a acid attack and to burn her parents’ house down.

The note reads:

“You are a b*bi women! You think barking like a dog makes you better than us? If I see you bark again, I will splash acid on you and your friends altogether. I will also burn your parents’ house! Be careful when you are on the way to (censored).”

Source: Twitter

On the next day (31 August), Shakila received a WhatsApp message with sexually explicit messages, as well as lewd posters that contained her personal details.

“Shakila believes the harassment and threats are the result of a video of her talking about the #Lawan rally on July 31, which has gone viral on TikTok.”

“Even though she is not a part of SSR, these threats, intimidation and sexual harassment are extreme and unacceptable.” SSR said in the statement.

Source: Sumber Kini

Meanwhile, Shakila has lodged 2 police reports regarding the matter at the North Klang district police headquarters.

SSR also stress that such intimidation tactics constitutes a criminal offence and should be condemned by the public. They added that such issues could become a dangerous norm if left unaddressed.

According to Malaysiakini, North Klang District Deputy Police Chief, Mohd Khairi Shafie said the police are currently being investigated the case under Section 507 of the Penal Code, which relates to criminal intimidation by anonymous communication.

Nonetheless, Shakila said she was traumatised by the incident and she has decided to take a break from involving in NGOs and activism.

“Honestly, I was traumatized when I thought someone I didn’t know sent the parcel in front of my family’s house.”

“My family asked me to reduce (activism activities) if possible, also don’t involve in NGOs and activism.”

The tweet has gone viral on social media and had garnered over 3,800 retweets at the time of writing.

In the comment section, netizens had showed their sympathy for Shakila and some urge Malaysians to stand up to fight against the intimidation.

“The right to protest is freedom for everyone in Malaysia. The loss of an individual’s right is an attack on us all.” a netizen said.

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Read the statement from SSR here:


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