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“Why did it broke down?” Pizza Lover Made a Fuss at Restaurant after She Failed to Buy a Pizza

Social News"Why did it broke down?" Pizza Lover Made a Fuss at Restaurant...

Those working in the food and beverage industry must have similar experience.

Following the government’s announcement to allow dine-in for the fully vaccinated individuals, many have been longing to walk out of their homes and enjoy their favourities at the restaurant.

Nonetheless, a pizza lover has recently caught the public’s attention while she was making her order at a Pizza Hut restaurant.


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In the short video that went viral, the pizza lover was seen to have questioned the employees of the branch on why their ovens had broke down.

The pizza lover then caused a commotion at the scene and requested that their branch manager to respond to her unreasonable questions.

“Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut. Why did it break down?” the woman asked.

“It got struck by lighting.” the branch manager was answering her question patiently before she broke down after the customer continued throwing the same question at her, as if she were unable to comprehend why did the oven broke down.

Despite the commotion, the branch manager still answers her question, while another employee pulled her back before the situation worsens.

Meanwhile, netizens had in the comment section criticized the pizza lover for not understanding the situation.

Source: TikTok

There were some who said they had similar experience while working in the food and beverage industry. This causes them to not wanting to work in the industry anymore.

Nonetheless, netizens praised the branch manager for having such patience when dealing with this type of customers.

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