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TMJ tells Syed Saddiq to “Jump Off KLCC without a Parachute”

Social NewsTMJ tells Syed Saddiq to "Jump Off KLCC without a Parachute"

The existing tension between the Crown Prince of Johor, Ismail Sultan Ibrahim and Muar Member of Parliament (MP) Syed Saddiq had just rose to a new level after Tunku Ismail’s comments in his latest roast of Syed Saadiq.

On Tuesday (31 August), Tunku Ismail had suggested that the only way for the Muda leader, Syed Saddiq to get his attention is if he jumped off the Petronas Twin Towers without a parachute.

The comments were made while he was responding to a follower on what Syed Saddiq has to do to capture his attention.

His replied “Go jump off KLCC without a parachute.”

Source: Instagram

The question was raised in a question-and-answer session Tunku Ismail conducted on Instagram on Tuesday (31 August) night.

The remark from Tunku Ismail caught the attention of Malaysians as the called out to him on social media for making such a insensitive comment. Some were questioning his loathing of Syed Saddiq too.

Most had criticized Tunku Ismail for promoting suicide and for being childish to react to the provocation from the follower.

Source: Facebook

There were also some who said the situation would be different if someone else were to make such comments against the royalty.

Nonetheless, both Tunku Ismail and Syed Saddiq have never had a good relationship since Syed Saddiq won his Muar seat in the GE14.

Previously, Tunku Ismail had once labelled Syed Saddiq as a “Drama Queen” after the former youth and sports minister started a crowdfunding campaign to help settle his legal expenses.

Meanwhile, Tunku Ismail’s remarks on Syed Saddiq was not the only thing that got the public’s attention. He had posted a controversial caption that said Johor does not celebrate the country’s National Day as the state never fell under colonial rule, according to The Vibes.

“In Johor, traditionally, we only wish Independence Day out of respect. But we don’t ‘celebrate’ because in Johor’s history, we were never occupied.”

Source: Instagram

“That is why in Johor, we fly three of our flags and the Jalur Gemilang only during National Day (August 31) and Malaysia Day (September 16). They will fly two weeks before and two weeks after. After that, it will return to normal, with just the Johor and the respective district flags.”

A netizen then questioned Tunku Ismail’s remarks, at the same time shared an article on the matter, saying Johor was indeed under the British control in 1914.

The article said Johor was under British rule when the position of the British general adviser in the Johor sultanate then was elevated to the level similar to that of a resident in the Federated Malay States.

“With the newfound status, the general adviser, a post occupied by Douglas Graham Campbell at the time, had control over the reigning Sultan Ibrahim of Johor on all matters except those related to Malay religion and custom.” the article read.

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