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Khairy: National Testing Policy will handle the Anti-Vaxxers

NewsKhairy: National Testing Policy will handle the Anti-Vaxxers

Despite the government’s efforts to promote the Covid-19 vaccines, there were still some parties out there who are still reluctant to be vaccinated.

To combat the anti-vaxxers, Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin said the Ministry of Health (MOH) is looking into a National Testing Policy, where the anti-vaxxers may be required to undergo regular testing.

Meanwhile, he said the Ministry is not looking into making the vaccination mandatory as of now, according to FMT.

Khairy added that the Ministry is still discussing on the ways forward for the country to manage the pandemic if there are still groups refusing vaccination without medical reasons.

Source: NST

“Some of the issues under discussion is a ‘national testing policy’. Once we go into the endemic phase (of Covid-19 management), whether vaccinated or not, you have to test yourself quite regularly.” he said.

“Those who refuse to get vaccinated will have to undergo a certain schedule or regime of testing that they have to adhere to.

“They may have to take a rapid test. If it is positive, then they have to do a PCR test.

Source: SCMP

“Of course, I would prefer that people opt to be vaccinated.” Khairy said, according to The Star.

Despite the vaccination is not mandatory for not, he said that the government is encouraging “sectoral persuasion”, where companies may set regulations for employees to be fully vaccinated before they can come in to work.

Once again, he advised those who have not register themselves for the vaccination for reasons other than medical, to get themselves registered and vaccinated.

“I have not come to the stage where I propose to the Cabinet that we come up with a federal mandate, but I am not far from it either.” he said.

On the other hand, he said there will be a feature for those who cannot complete their vaccination or be vaccinated for medical reasons to reflect their status in MySejahtera.

“As long as they have a doctor’s confirmation saying they cannot complete their vaccination or cannot be vaccinated, and it is reflected on MySejahtera, we will come up with SOPs that will be appropriate for these people.”

Meanwhile, Khairy mentioned that there are sufficient supply of vaccines for all Malaysians for September, where they will be allocating 15.16 million doses of vaccines to different states.

States receiving the most vaccine doses are Sabah (2.9 million), Johor (1.9 million), Kedah (1.3 million), Kelantan (1.2 million), Pahang (1.4 million), Perak (1.6 million) and Penang (1 million).

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