Thursday, February 2, 2023

“Too Many Orders” Foodpanda Rider makes Roti Canai for Vendor to keep up with piling orders

Social News"Too Many Orders" Foodpanda Rider makes Roti Canai for Vendor to keep...

Ordering deliveries are becoming mainstream ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Hence, delivery riders had become the unsung heroes during the pandemic.

However, a Foodpanda rider from Penang, named Khairul Hamizan Mustafa took a step further by making roti canai alongside a vendor by the roadside while waiting for his order to be completed.

His colleague who was waiting for his order had recorded a video of him helping out with the roti canai and the shared it on his TikTok.

The video then went viral on social media and won millions of hearts many, while racking up over 1 million views and 143,500 likes on TikTok.

According to Malay Mail, the vendor, who owned a stall at Kubang Terong, Tasik Gelugor, had several orders waiting for him and he struggled to keep up as he was new to Foodpanda’s services.

When Hamizan arrived at the stall, he saw 4 other delivery riders who were waiting patiently for the orders too. As the vendor owner seemed to struggle to cope with the piling orders, Hamizan decided to give the elderly man a helping hand.

Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok

Hamizan then rolled up his sleeves and set to work preparing ‘roti canai’ while waiting for his order to be dispatched to the customer.

According to Malay Mail, Hamizan had been making roti canai since he was 12. He had been working with his parents who were also running a roti canai business in Pokok Sena, Kepala Batas, and they are still in business.

“I used to help my parents with their business during my school holidays, especially on weekends.” he said.

Meanwhile, netizens were amazed by Hamizan’s actions and they praised him for his noble act for willing to help the vendor with the orders.

Some even said the delivery riders are so versatile that some even help us in catching thieves.

“Foodpanda Malaysia is great. It could be the police, chef, and anything you want.” a netizen said.

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