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M’sian Hackers attacked Ukrainian Athlete’s Instagram after Ziyad being stripped of Gold Medal

Social NewsM'sian Hackers attacked Ukrainian Athlete's Instagram after Ziyad being stripped of Gold...

Come on guys, we are better than this.

In a statement published today (1 September), the International Paralympic Committee has announced that Malaysian Paralympian, Ziyad Zolkefli will be stripped of the gold medal due to an official protest submitted.

The protest was made based on Ziyad and two other athletes from Australia and Ecuador who were not in the Call Room at the relevant time, in which the results of these athletes will be considered as DNS (Did Not Start).

Following the incident, Ukraine Paralympian, Maksym Koval was being crowned as the gold medalist of the event.

Source: The Star

Unfortunately, Malaysians were upset with the Committee’s decision to strip Ziyad of the gold medal and they sought to launch an ‘attack’ on Maksym’s and the Tokyo 2020 official Instagram account.

As the situation worsens, Maksym had suddenly made an announcement on his new Instagram account, claiming that Malaysian hackers had got his account.

Meanwhile, Malaysian netizens remained unhappy and continue to criticize Maksyam. They even insulted the Ukraine Paralympian, calling him stupid and disabled.

Source: Instagram

A quick scroll on the 2 new photo shared by Maksym on his new Instagram account shows that Malaysian netizens had not stopped their ‘attack’ on him.

On the other hand, netizens had expressed their disappointment on the posts made by the official Tokyo 2020 Instagram account.

Netizens claimed that the committee and the Ukraine Paralympian did not practice the true spirit of sports and had labeled them as robbers.

All these negative comments were made after the committee named the Ukrainian athlete as the gold medalist of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic shot put event last night.

Meanwhile, #justiceforziyad had been trending on Twitter as Malaysians demand justice for our Malaysian Paralympian. There were over 370,000 tweets with the hashtag at the time of writing too.

Despite Ziyad did not obtained the gold medal, he will always be a hero and a gold medalist to us.

At the same time, there is no reason for us to hack into the Instagram account of others and cause harm to them.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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