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MACC will investigate individuals involved in “Vaccination Cert Buying”

Social NewsMACC will investigate individuals involved in "Vaccination Cert Buying"

Anti-vaxxers in Malaysia are willing to do anything to just avoid being jabbed.

Yesterday (31 August), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has voiced out their concerns over the issue where doctors were being bribed to issue vaccination certificates to those who did not receive Covid-19 vaccination jabs.

In the statement, MACC Chief Commissioner, Datuk Seri Azam Baki said that such act were not only considered as corruption but it affects the reputation of medical practitioners and would tarnish their image if it actually happened.

“So far, the MACC has yet to receive any complaints about the issue but we will investigate and gather intelligence at locations suspected to be conducting such acts.” he said.

Previously, Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Associations Malaysia president Dr Steven Chow claimed that several of their members were offered RM1,000 by several individuals to issue false digital vaccination certificates.

He said that not only all individuals were made by anti-vaxxers but some of them wanted the certificates to be able to travel immediately.

Following which, Malaysia Medical Association (MMA) president Prof Datuk Dr M. Subramaniam also echoed the same, where he requested the authorities to investigate the matter.

Source: FMT

“The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) takes a serious view of this matter and urges the authorities to investigate these claims.

“Those found involved should be charged under the anti-corruption laws.

“We also wish to remind all doctors of their duty and responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards in their practice.” Prof Datuk Dr Subramaniam Muniandy said, according to The Star.

On the other hand, the digital vaccination certificate had now become a hot “commodity” among the public as the SOPs on the fully vaccinated individuals were much looser, in addition to the privilege they have.

As the restrictions on the unvaccinated remained in place, the unscrupulous parties will attempt to get their hands on the digital vaccination cert even though it requires them to bribe.

Nonetheless, Azam had responded to the matter and urge those with information regarding such acts to contact the MACC via its hotline 1-800-88-6000 or the corruption complaints portal at portaladuan.sprm.gov.my.

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Read the statement from MACC here:


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