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Azalina suggests a Recall Bill, where People can hold MPs accountable for Party-Hopping

Social NewsAzalina suggests a Recall Bill, where People can hold MPs accountable for...

The Malaysian politics had always been in a mess and the matter was made worst as we do not have a existing law to punish the Members of Parliament (MP) who are involved in party-hopping.

Having said that, the former deputy Dewan Rakyat speaker, Azalina Othman Said is calling for a motion to the Dewan Rakyat Speaker to table a Recall Bill.

The Pengerang MP had issued a statement and said she hope the motion will be the “starting point” to introduce recall elections during the upcoming Parliamentary sitting.

“In addition, I also intend to propose the establishment of a ‘Caucus on Parliamentary Reform and Multi-Party Democracy’ among interested MPs.” she said.

“This is to strengthen the institution of Parliament in Malaysia and uphold parliamentary democracy in our country.”

In addition, she expressed that she was very pleased with the discussion between the government, the opposition bloc and the independent bloc to introduce a law to prevent party hopping.

Meanwhile, she also said it was concerning that after 64 years of independence, incidences of party hopping still remain common among elected representatives.

“Many Malaysians are questioning, what’s the point of voting if elected representatives can trade the mandate given to them after the elections?” she questioned.

Previously, Azalina had suggested recalling elections as one of the way to prevent elected representatives from defecting to another party.

In a frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet on the proposed law, she said recall elections would allow the people to revoke their mandate given to an elected representative if he or she decides to switch parties.

At the same time, Azalina said the leaders of her generation should accept the competition between political parties as it is something that benefits the people. However, the competition should be carried out reasonable within the “rules of the game” and should not to trigger splits within parties.

As for the Recall Bill, she said it is aimed at fine-tuning the “rules of the game” instead of eliminating political competition.

“For the progress of the country, the political leaders of my generation and the younger generation must be brave enough to agree on working towards making politics a professional career choice that is respected and revered, not reviled and scorned.”

“The people’s perception of politicians today is very embarrassing, and personally, I am upset with this situation.” she said, according to FMT.

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Read the statement from Azalina here:


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