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Streets on SS15 remains Quiet despite the SOP relaxation announced recently

Source: Facebook

The series of Covid-19 lockdowns are now showing some long term damages to the Malaysian economy as businesses are chooses to close their doors for good.

The previously renowned bubble tea street of Subang Jaya, SS15 is now seeing more businesses putting their premises up for sale and/or rent.

Despite the government announced the SOP relaxation for the fully vaccinated individuals, the streets of SS15 had not see much people walking on the streets and the business in the area had further descend into cessation.

Source: Facebook

Recently, a Facebook page, 生意出顶 Malaysia Business For Sale shared a number of photos of the street on Facebook and there were not even a person walking on the streets.

They captioned “Returning to SS15, Subang, after a while, those shops we have been to, we will never have the chance to go again, and to those familiar faces, it is too late to say goodbye. Now, we don’t know where to go, we can only wish everyone well.”

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, the page gave business owners a glimpse of hope, saying that some loyal customers may return to support them once the lockdowns are over.

“Businesses may no longer be there, but as long as the people come, they can start again.” they said.

Meanwhile, netizens in the comment section said that they used to grow up in the area and many of the shops there had been part of their pleasant memory. However, it is saddening that these businesses were being forced to close down permanently.

Another netizen said that the area had been a diamond spot for 20 years and he is confident that businesses will reoccupy the area as soon as it is safe to do business.

Having said that, we do hope that is the case and business owners and their employees were able to hang on while the government gets everybody vaccinated.

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