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National Blood Centre facing shortage of blood supply, asking people to donate

The National Blood Centre (NBC) is in shortage of blood supply.

According to NBC director Dr Noryati Abu Amin, the drastic need arises due to increase of Covid-19 patients and decrease in donations. This is especially true in Klang Valley, Kedah and Sabah.

We need 2,000 bags of blood daily throughout the country and with an increasing number of Covid-19 patients with comorbidities, the need for blood donation is high.

For instance, Covid-19 patients who have underlying conditions such as thalassemia (the body makes inadequate haemoglobin) or kidney failure, they too need blood transfusion regularly.

On top of that, patients such as cancer patients, those involved in major accidents, mothers who have had postpartum haemorrhage, or patients who have lost a lot of blood during major operations also need blood transfusion,” she said.

Dr Noryati said the dire need was conveyed through two Facebook posts, in which it was highlighted that response had been poor at Lotuss Mutiara Damansara and Penang’s Sri Pinang Hall’s blood donation drive.

She said donors are fearful of being infected with the coronavirus.

Apart from that, more people are working from home and are afraid of being stopped at police blocks to donate blood.

With universities and schools being major donation drives and closed, there are also fewer blood drives within the state and many university students who want to donate are unable to do so because of the lack of transportation.

However, we are lucky to have worked with malls such as Aeon, Mid-Valley and Lotuss Store branches to allow blood drives to take place as they have been supportive of our cause.

Dr Norhayati added that those who are afraid of being stopped at roadblocks need not feel that way because NBC was granted approval from the National Security Council and the police to allow blood donation activities.

Donors are advised to bring their donation books or cards along with an appointment slip (which is obtained through NBC’s website and Facebook) as proof of donation.


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