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M’sian man showcase a copy of Newspaper from 1957 Independence Day

Social NewsM'sian man showcase a copy of Newspaper from 1957 Independence Day

31 August, Malaysia’s Independence Day, meant a lot to Malaysians after we had fought for our independence from the British.

Meanwhile, a Malaysian, Mohd Tarmizi Ismail recently showcased his copy of The Sunday Times from 1 September 1957 which had reported Malaysia’s independence from British ruling.

He also revealed that someone offered to buy his copy, but he had rejected it as he believes it has a far higher value.

The very first page of the 32-page newspaper shows a photo of Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, on 31 August during the proclamation of independence and a headline that reads: THIS IS IT!

Source: Oriental Daily

“I found the newspaper while rummaging around the house of my late parents after a big flood in 2014.” the man said, and he was a resident of Kampung Kekabu, near Lemal.

He added that he found the newspaper in good condition alongside with an heirloom keris.

Source: Oriental Daily

According to Bernama, the father of 8 children aged between 2 and 15 said he did not know that his late father, Ismail Salleh, who ran a sundry shop and passed away in 1998, had this in his possession. On the other hand, his late mother, Saodah Omar, passed away last year.

Meanwhile, Mohd Tarmizi said the copy of the magazine was published and distributed by “The Straits Times Ltd Cecil Street Singapore” and “111 Pudu Road Kuala Lumpur”.

“In a few days, this newspaper will be 64 years old, which is a long time and moreover it is a historical account.” he said during an interview recently.

Nonetheless, he believes that the copy of the newspaper has a high value and there were not many copies that still exist. With that, his copy could become priceless and he hopes he will be able to take good care of it.

When asked if he would be willing to sell it, he said “It is a valuable treasure and I would welcome antique collectors or experts to my house to see it.”

“He disclosed that a man had offered him RM20,000 for the newspaper a few years ago despite claiming it was fake.”

“I’m currently looking for a suitable place to keep it so it doesn’t get damaged.” said Mohd Tarmizi.

What do you think of his collection? Share your thoughts!

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