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Malaysians expressed concern over Improper Face Mask Disposal Practices

Wearing a face mask while we are on the streets is mandatory under the SOP ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Malaysia.

While everyone is clear about the need to wear a face mask, not everybody is clear on the best practices when it comes do disposing them.

According to Sin Chew, Chairman of MCA Youth State Melaka, Denis Lee found that the residents at Jalan SJ 1/8, Melaka had been disposing face masks inappropriately. He even found that some had hung their face mask on the fence of the small garden opposite their home.

He added that the residents there had been doing this since the Movement Control Order 1.0 (MCO) started.

Source: Sin Chew

Nonetheless, this had led to the other residents there complaining about the inappropriate disposal of face masks, as well as raising their concerns that these used mask will spread the Covid-19 virus to those walking pass them.

Meanwhile, Lee said that he noticed some of the residents had been throwing the face mask on the streets and some even openly burn them, contributing to the environment pollution in the area.

Source: Sin Chew

During a site visit, Lee managed to get a local and interviewed him on why had they hung the face mask on the fence, where the man said it was hung there as a souvenir since the MCO 1.0. He added that the face mask was not being reused or recycled, and there had been no reported Covid-19 cases in the area too.

“I told the man that this is practice is inappropriate and it is unhygienic too. This will cause passersby to feel uncomfortable as they worry about the mask will spread the virus.”

“We’ve advised the man to clean up the masks and they had cleaned them up right away.” Lee said.

Meanwhile, he also mention that the residents had been littering the face masks on the streets and a short walk on the street of SJ 1/2, he notice that there were at least 10 masks being threw on the streets.

Source: Sin Chew

“I then asked the residents or passersby to put the used face mask in a paper bag before throwing them into the trash can. If you throw used masks on the streets, it may cause the virus to spread. I hope everyone can cooperate and raise awareness of keeping hygiene, especially when we are in times like this.”

Responding to the open burning, Lee advised the public to not burn anything in public as they can be fined by the Environment Department, as well as the Fire and Safety Department.

This will also cause air pollution and affect other residents and the entire community.

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