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Malaysian Couple is getting divorced over different opinion on getting Vaccinated

Social NewsMalaysian Couple is getting divorced over different opinion on getting Vaccinated

While getting vaccinated is one of the most important things to get us out of the shadows of Covid-19, there were still many out there who refused to get vaccinated, and are spreading false information about vaccines.

Recently, a local housewife had seek legal assistance from a Syariah lawyer when her husband threatens to divorce her if she went and got herself vaccinated for Covid-19 without his permission.

Syariah lawyer, Maryam Wafda Kamilen from the Tetuan Wafda Kamilen & Associates legal firm then advise single Malaysians to be cautious when it comes to choosing their life partner.

In the short conversation, the housewife asked whether she can be vaccinated secretly as when the couple was chatting about vaccines, her anti-vaxxer husband had ordered her to not take the vaccine or he will divorce her.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Berita Harian, Maryam revealed that the husband in the story had prohibited his wife from getting vaccinated and professed a “taklik” without knowing that his wife had already gotten her first jab.

She added that the couple is having a long-distance relationship and the wife had gotten her first vaccine dose on Sunday (29 August).

“However, when talking over the phone about taking the vaccine, the husband forbids his wife from getting the vaccine and said if she took it too, she would fall ill.”

“His remarks had caused the women to feel unease and she contacted me to seek advice and certainty whether the her husband can divorce her for not complying with the “taklik”.” she said.

Nonetheless, Maryam confirmed that case was not handled by her legal firm and the housewife was asked to refer the case to the Syariah court for confirmation.

She said their firm had received at least 3 or 4 similar cases since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Malaysia.

“We are ready to offer services to all housewives facing the situation. We recommend housewives who faced similar situation to immediately file the case in the Syariah Court.” she said.

What is a “taklik”?

In Islamic marriages, a “taklik” is basically a special condition that is agreed upon by the couple as part of the terms of their marriage.

These conditions can be anything from standard stuff like the husband not being allowed to be away from the wife for a set period of time, to more egregious rules like needing to make a certain amount of money for a living or wanting a set number of children.

However, these conditions can be amended or removed over time based on the agreement of both parties too.

Nonetheless, a breach of the conditions will obviously result in a divorce and here in Malaysia, the details of a “taklik” are inscribed on a couple’s marriage certificate.

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