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Covid-19 Patient left to Die on Floor in Kedah Hospital

Source: Facebook

Yesterday (30 August), a 38-second short video went viral after being circulated via WhatsApp. The short video showed a frail old man crawling on the floor of the the hospital, trying to pull himself up by holding on to a bed, but soon collapses again.

The scene was believe to be taken from Hospital Sungai Petani, Kedah and this had led to a outcry from netizens, requesting the authorities to do something.

The man was also said to have been left on the floor unattended until he breathed his last 40 minutes later.

There were a series of video that show the old man was trying to stand up by holding on to a bed stand of another patient, in what appeared to be a Covid-19 ward.

Source: Facebook

The video then ended abruptly after the man was seen lying on the floor motionless, with his urine bag on one side.

There was a message sent along with the video, saying that another patient had alerted the nurse on duty but the nurse only responded with “check whether he is alive or not”.

The message also said the man collapsed and lay there for 40 minutes and was left unattended for 40 minutes before he was declared dead by the hospital.

Source: Facebook

According to Bernama, the Kedah Health Department (JKN) director Dr Othman Warijio has denied the claims that the staff at the hospital has responded late to the patient who subsequently died on the floor of the ward.

He added that JKN is still investigating the incident and are discussing with the staff members to complete the investigation.

“But (preliminary information) saying response by staff was slow is not true, we will issue a full statement for the media later.” he said.

Meanwhile, Kuala Muda district police chief, AC Adzli Abu Shah said the police had yet to receive any reports on the incident.

On the other hand, a doctor who claimed to have knowledge of the incident said the patient was likely in a category 3 to 4 ward, where those with lung infections and requiring oxygen supply were treated, according to FMT.

He added that the present protocol required all medical staff working in the ward to wear full protective clothing before entering such a facility and one could not attend to the patient right away.

He said the patient is likely to have stop using the oxygenator, which leads to him suffering from hypoxia or lack of oxygen in the blood.

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