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Taliban claims to have captured 2 Malaysian ISIS fighters

NewsTaliban claims to have captured 2 Malaysian ISIS fighters

On Saturday (28 August), the British newspaper, The Times had reported that the Taliban in the Afghanistan capital, Kabul have captured 6 members of ISIS (the Islamic State organisation), 2 of whom might be Malaysians.

The 2 Malaysian militants are believed to be fighting alongside the Isis-K faction, an offshoot of ISIS which operates in south and central Asia.

According to The Times, Taliban CID Chief, Maulawi Saifullah Mohammed said the 6 ISIS members were detained following a gun battle on the western side of Kabul on Thursday (26 Aug) night.

“Four are Afghans but it seems the other two are Malaysians.”

“They aren’t as tough as they think they are. We’ve just beaten the armies from 36 Nato countries so we know we can capture and kill ISIS wherever we find them.” he said. 

However, the report did not identify the Malaysians.

Meanwhile, the Inspector-General of Police, Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said the police had not received any information about any Malaysians involved in Islamic State in Afghanistan.

He added that the police has requested for intelligence from international security agencies to confirm the claims and news reports. Meanwhile, they are also investigating the possibility that the two Malaysians could have already been operating outside the country.

In the past decade, it was reported that a dozen of Malaysians have left the country to fight with the Islamic State in Syria and other nations.

Nonetheless, some of the members were allowed to return to Malaysia but under certain conditions. Currently, it is still unclear of how many had remained overseas.

The furious battle between Taliban and the IS-K fighters in Kabul started after a suicide attack at Kabul airport which saw 200 dead, including American troops.

As of now, IS-K is opposed by both the US and the Taliban. The group aims to establish an Islamic caliphate in what was once known as the Khorasan region, made up of present-day north-eastern Iran, parts of Afghanistan and some parts of Central Asia.

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