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Ismail: Factories need to vaccinate their workers on their own

NewsIsmail: Factories need to vaccinate their workers on their own

Yesterday (28 August), Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri said he has instructed the Director of Health and the Secretary-General to require factories that foreign workers to purchase the Covid-19 vaccines for their employees.

According to China Press, Ismail said this is to avoid foreign workers crowding at the vaccination centres (PPV), as we seen previously at the Bukit Jalil PPV.

“I hope that manufacturers that employs a large number of foreign workers can purchase Covid-19 vaccines and vaccinate their employees on their own as soon as possible, and resume work after 80% of their employees have completed two doses of vaccines.”

Source: Malay Mail

“I believe that the cost of purchasing vaccines will not be higher than the cost of stopping production caused by an outbreak of Covid-19 in a factory.”

“Therefore, employers are urged to act proactively by purchasing the vaccines and set up vaccination sites on their own to provide health protection for their workers and prevent them from gathering in PPVs and risk infected by Covid-19.” he said.

The comments were made in a press conference after Ismail attends the military exercise conducted by Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) in the Kampung Batu Bor, Bera.

In addition, he said the decision was made in reference to the massive crowds we see at the Bukit Jalil PPV previously, where these foreign workers had gathered in large numbers and had violated the SOPs. This has caused Malaysians to be furious and had called out for the authorities to intervene.

Meanwhile, Ismail also suggested that the Ministry of Health to speed up the vaccination rate so as to help the government to reduce the huge cost incurred for setting up mega PPVs. Another method to reduce this cost is to set up tents to operate the PPVs.

“People only need to drive to these drive-thru PPVs and wait in the car. There will be no long queues.” he said.

He added that he will discuss the matter with the newly-appointed Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin

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