Sunday, March 26, 2023

M’sian Netizen sold a Nasi Lemak Pixel Art for RM400 on NFT Marketplace!

Social NewsM'sian Netizen sold a Nasi Lemak Pixel Art for RM400 on NFT...

Everybody loves Nasi Lemak. It is our unofficial national dish and we, Malaysians just can’t get enough of it and we do feel proud in it.

Nonetheless, some of us love it so much that we incorporate Nasi Lemak into everything we are creating!

Recently, a netizen created a Pixel Art image of our iconic Nasi Lemak Bungkus and he managed to sell the artwork online for around RM400!

The netizen, being called @artdeeptt on TikTok, share a short video of how he created the pixel art of Nasi Lemak and then listed it on Pentas.io, a Malaysian NFT Marketplace.

The pixel art was listed for 0.2BNB and it was sold just within a few minutes after he took the announcement to Twitter! The amount transacted was equivalent to RM400.

He also found that the new buyer is now selling his Pixie Lemak for 1BNB, which is equivalent to RM2,067!

Having said that, the netizen was surprised that he can actually sell his Nasi Lemak Pixel Art for RM400, but what was more suprising is that the new buyer is now selling his Pixie Lemak at 1BNB or RM2,067, which makes it the most expensive Nasi Lemak ever!


Nasi lemak paling mahal. Di jual dengan harga RM400! #nft #fypシ

♬ original sound – Aizat Rahmat – –

Meanwhile, the netizen has created other local food-themed pixel art images too. The other art images are as cute as the Nasi Lemak one! The other art images include Kuih Pelita, Onde-Onde, Ketayap and more.

Source: Pentas.io
Source: Pentas.io

The netizen has shared his other artworks on his Twitter profile here.

On the other hand, the Nasi Lemak he sold is definitely the most expensive Nasi Lemak ever but it is a shame that we cannot actually eat it.

Are you willing to spend RM2,067 on a pack of Nasi Lemak? Share your thoughts!

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