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PAS Leader vows to close all Casino and Pubs in Genting Highlands and Pahang

Social NewsPAS Leader vows to close all Casino and Pubs in Genting Highlands...

Berserah state assemblyman, Andansura Rabu, also a political leader from PAS had advised the Pahang state government to develop a new policy that rejects all gambling centres and nightclubs after the Covid-19 pandemic in the state.

Meanwhile, he also claimed that the Covid-19 pandemic had actually improved people’s life as since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented in the state, crime rates had plummet.

“Because outdoor activities after certain hours are not allowed. Entertainment centers, nightclubs and gambling or such gathering places are closed. There were no burglary cases because people were in their respective homes.” he said, as reported by HarakahDaily.

“No more fighting due to drunkenness. The children are no longer out of the house and they can be controlled by their parents.” he added.

Source: Sin Chew

Having said that, he vowed to transform Pahang into a “zero gambling centers and nightclubs” state. This includes shutting down the Genting Casino and all the nightclubs in the state.

In addition, he commented that the Covid-19 pandemic could be God’s will to allow the government to use this as an opportunity to reset people’s lives to conform to God’s wishes.

These claims were made during a debate session at the Pahang State Legislative Assembly yesterday (24 August).

Source: Genting

To support his claims, he said that while all entertainment centres were closed during the MCO period, there were no burglary cases because people stayed home.

In addition, he said that with the absence of gambling, drinking, and group activities, this has indirectly reduced the crime rate in the state, including alcohol abuse and drunk driving.

Meanwhile, he claims were rejected by Bilut state assemblyman Lee Chin Chen, where she believed that the closure of gambling centres and nightclubs should not be directly linked to crimes, according to Sin Chew.

On the other hand, Genting Highlands had been contributing significantly to the economy of Pahang, through the employment opportunities and taxes they pay.

Lee then requested Andansura to present the scientific evidence for his claims, which Andansura said that he made the above conclusion based on only the police crime rate report.

He then explained the people in Bentong were still able to make a living even when Genting Highlands were closed during the MCO. He also emphasized that he is only suggesting to close the Genting Casino and not the entire Genting tourist area.

He added that entrepreneurs should create other businesses in replace of casinos to bring more job opportunities.

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